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  1. MoonFangs90 Jan 22, 2013

  2. Drakill Jul 29, 2012

    Quote by AlenasMy Latest Dark Wallie: Midnight Affair

    Looks awesome! :'( I wish I was as good at making walls as you.

  3. Alenas Retired Moderator Jul 29, 2012

    My Latest Dark Wallie: Midnight Affair

  4. Drakill Jun 24, 2012

    Quote by YoruAngel866Yes :) here we are :) welcome welcome!
    though it pains me to say this, almost no one is active in this group for so long =_=
    but it is a place where you can still find great dark wallies ♥

    Nice! :D

    merged: 06-25-2012 ~ 02:26pm
    Anyone know where I can get some decent dark music like the Resident Evil (Main theme song by Marilyn Manson)? That type of ominous music. :)

  5. YoruAngel866 Jun 23, 2012

    Yes :) here we are :) welcome welcome!
    though it pains me to say this, almost no one is active in this group for so long =_=
    but it is a place where you can still find great dark wallies ♥

  6. Drakill Jun 21, 2012

    Nice group! I was wondering if there was a group for this kind of thing. And now I found one :)

  7. YoruAngel866 Apr 09, 2012

    HI :D and hello there new members :D
    i am sorry for late reply, but i am way to busy with life that i can't go and moderate the group even though i am founder of this........ maybe someone with experience wants to operate it?

    merged: 04-09-2012 ~ 03:44pm
    anyone knows how to fix the header part ?

  8. B-BRabbit Mar 18, 2012


    merged: 03-18-2012 ~ 08:15am
    Its so pretty here

  9. Kurorisa Mar 01, 2012

    Latest dark wall

  10. tankgirl Feb 11, 2012

    Quote by Lady89

    :O simply beautiful.

    merged: 02-11-2012 ~ 08:59am

    Quote by alenasMy Latest Dark Wall: Your Prettiest Nightmare

    :OOOOOO woahhhh!

  11. Alenas Retired Moderator Feb 04, 2012

    My Latest Dark Wall: Outside [Looking In]

  12. YoruAngel866 Nov 20, 2011

    hello and welcome new members :D
    sorry im not active, i have loads of exams on the university and im studying so i dont have time to be here, sadly
    but it would be great if you people talked something or whatever :D
    i think ill be active after january

    hm....and i am wondering if anyone could repair the mistake in codes in layout, you can see its weird and the main layout image is messed up..... i tried to find mistake but i couldnt

  13. Chowah Nov 11, 2011

    Hi! I'm a new member.Really loving this!

  14. leonskxxx Nov 09, 2011

    Greetings! .. Thank you for adding to the group ^-^/

  15. YoruAngel866 Nov 08, 2011

    yay a new member here! welcome welcome!
    well, i did try my best to keep it alive, but it seems people are just way to busy, even me...but im for reviving this group ofc!

  16. ArtificialRaindrop Nov 04, 2011

    Welcome, keimae22! Sadly, we are not very active as of late.

    Hey, everyone, is there a way to get this group up and moving again? ;__;

  17. keimae22 Nov 04, 2011

    hi! new here..hope to be a member soon^^

  18. Alenas Retired Moderator Jun 21, 2011

    My Latest Dark Wall: Your Prettiest Nightmare

  19. duhqueenmoki Apr 09, 2011

    My latest wally :D

  20. chrisp Apr 06, 2011

    Shuuu since I'm back I did some things here:
    1. Added new members
    2. updated the highdarked wallies
    3. updated the gallery

    Guys letz bring this group back to live q.q I can't do it alone... /corner
    I dunno what happened to the layout, but we maybe need a new one? q.q

  21. Yoko-Litner Feb 23, 2011

    H.O.T.D Legacy

  22. luches Feb 08, 2011


  23. duhqueenmoki Feb 02, 2011

    My first dark wallie :D

  24. Alenas Retired Moderator Dec 26, 2010

    My Latest Dark Wallie: All My Clouds Are Blue

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